World Water Day campaign By Sand Artist

On 22nd March World Water Day, which was initially started on the proposal of United Nations General Assembly in 1993, is observed worldwide every year on 22nd March. In many parts of the world especially in metropolitans’ city and towns water shortage as become a problem which needs to be solve. Sweet water as a limited supply and will be rise in world population, the problem is become in more and more acute. With the limited supply every person as the responsibility to see that a single drop of water is not wasted.

To realize that water is life and not allow in wastage of water the reputed international sand artist Mr. Manas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand sculpture on the eve of“world Water Day” in the golden sea beach, near light house of Puri at the distance of 65k.m from capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. This sculpture shows a drop of water in a palm and numbers of individual in the palm. It indicates “life flows in every drop of water” and the existence of people depends on the water. The height of this sculpture is 10 feet, utilizing 15 tons of sand by continuous labour of 8 hours.

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